Zone 1 is the threshold with seating and a pendulum gatekeeper who will clear out of the doorway every 10 seconds. This works using three electromagnets set in a track. This is the hurdle that lies between the visitor and unlimited creative inspiration. A visitor's journey through The Vault and a map of the textures are below.
Zone 2 is home to the Vault's main attractions, 3 objects of utmost creative importance. The stories behind each can be learned from the catalogue that the visitor picks up upon entry. The zone is lit well to enable the visitor to read. During the day, natural light flows in from the skylight above. When that isn't possible, a track mirroring the skylight has LED lights that perform the same function. Each object is lit individually with lighting on the plinth. The angles of a central floor tile leads from one exhibit to another. It is essentially made of crushed cans but illuminated along its perimeter and sealed with coloured glass.
The catalogue is a 200mm square with a debossed title on 285gsm recycled card. Its pages are printed on 100gsm recycled paper and illustrated. The stories, objects and the illustrations are below.
Object 1 | Firestorm
During the Journey to the centre of the earth in 2008, the intrepid voyagers on board Drillbit XIII led by the indefinitely innovative Baron Coolsocks chanced upon an unprecedented discovery— an eternal flame. All aboard the drill ship agreed that their unique discovery should be accessible to everyone on the earth’s surface for years to come. The flame was in the shape of a plant with scarlet veins and leaves of white heat. Its roots were billowing flames. However, the whole plant couldn’t be transported due to its sheer size and unpredictable behaviour. Luckily, the crew could dislodge a leaf from the plant and saved it in The Vault. It has been a symbol of creation and embracing your inner child.
Object 2 | The No Name Tree
In the land that is Neither Here nor There grows a No Name Tree. Its fruits are in the form of cans of soda. Harvested in neither spring nor summer, the No Name fruit is said to give the consumer the power to let things be. Harvested by minions each year, it is the highest selling merchandise by the Cartoon Network.
Object 3 | Medusa’s Lunch Bowl
The alien invasion predicted for the year 3001A.D., required disaster mitigation measures. The governments of the earth got together to call on Medusa who solved the problem by arranging for an implosion of the earth into her lunch bowl in such an event. Here, the earth would be preserved till all is well again.
Zone 3 or The Great Beyond is a zone of weightlessness made possible by a skylight, reflective flooring and an LED screen all blending into a seamless skyscape. Seated in seats meant to cocoon, the visitor is afloat. One wall is made of shou sugi ban ceder boards and the other is an undulating surface made of hemp insulation covered in sequins to reflect off light falling on its surface. The atmosphere is, in effect, ethereal.
The three zones are divided using curved partitions with natural textures to lend softness to the rigid geometry. The drawings below show all the three at a glance in a scale of 1:50. 
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