Upon entry through the pivot door, one can choose the theme through a screen at a console. Each column is marked by a circular carpet. As one steps onto a carpet, a smoke machine is activated and sound streams from an overhead speaker. The resulting beam of light envelopes the audience at that station. The far end of the space has an angled wall that mirrors the angle of the doorway. It can be used to hang woven tapestries made of sonic data pertaining to the musical collection on record. At each station is a stand for headphones if a quieter experience is preferred, printed material pertaining to the collection and a smoke machine. The artwork pictured here is sourced from blues4d's tumblr blog, available at < https://blues4d.tumblr.com/post/158268576500/20170311-365 > .
To enclose the space, I used a 4' span 7 times for the length and 4 and quarter times in the width. On the width side, the doorway is angled after 12' of solid wall. On the length side, the uninterrupted wall is 24'. It is then divided using skylights. For the central seating area, there is a false ceiling that diffuses the light from above. Each column is made of two components - shafts of light whose path becomes visible when smoke fills the area and sound from overhead speakers. The smoke machine and sound are activated by motion sensors. The grid with the skylights is below as is the detail on how the fixture sits in place. I did a variation of it later after an attempt at prototyping it. So, the neater version is on the second row.

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