The setup is for a band to perform outdoors at a park. It makes a temporary enclosure which allows five band members individual pods of 10' width and seats seven members of the audience in the centre. The walls of the pods are plastic acoustic panels with the back wall being made of wooden panels of three widths. Not only can the musicians interact with the audience but also among themselves since they all face the centre. The roof is vaulted over the pods and domed at the centre using the Guastavino vaulting system which uses tiles, not bricks in a pattern to make a thin but strong roof. The dome is necessary since sound needs to travel before coming in contact with a surface for better audio quality. The resulting texture gives the reflective material the acoustic quality required for melodic music. This is not to say that beats will not work well here. I've gone into a bit of detail below. 
The graphic element is in the form of textiles - a scroll and a flag. Going with the idea of contrasts, is pairing folk textile traditions with contemporary furniture. I picked my favourites right now for the visualisations on this page. I also worked on some illustrations for the flags that inform potential audience and match the pattern of the wooden panels that make up the back wall of the pods.

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